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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seventh Conference on Clean Energy (Greenovation 2011)

I will be pitching at this conference, which I prefer to call the Greenovation Conference; I got great contacts out of this experience in the last two years I pitched there. In previous years, I was pitching Electric Pipeline Corporation (, but I have now accepted that this is too big & too long term to be VC fundable.

This year, I'm pitching the Ballistic Breaker Company (; our patent-pending Ballistic Breakers™ allow MVDC grids which then enable simpler DC microgrids (DC microgrids containing many generators do not need to synchronize each generator to the grid; DC also simplifies battery backup) to grow to larger size (~80MW, I estimate).
Ballistic Breakers™ are also useful for conventional power delivery for factories, ships, mines, offshore drilling rigs and isolated communities (using DC power delivery saves on both capital costs and energy costs, especially where a large portion of the load is for variable speed motors, as in material processing plants, ships, drilling rigs, and mines).

Our first product will be designed for 6.6kV, which is double the highest DC voltage used commercially today (3.3kV DC power delivery to electric trains has been practiced for many years in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union).

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