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Monday, October 10, 2011

MassChallenge and the Cleantech Open

I was eliminated from both MassChallenge and the Cleantech Open...Oh, bother!

I found out Friday about MassChallenge, but was asked not to make any announcement until today (so that MassChallenge could put out their press release first). It was a blow, but I am still going forward. I will be a presenter at the 7th conference on Clean Energy (the Greenovation conference, on November 1, plus I'll be pitching to VCs and Angel investors starting soon.

The main point of both MassChallenge and the CleanTech Open is to accelerate the progression of ideas to investable startup companies. I have no doubt that my participation in these processes moved the ball forward significantly. I remain committed and upbeat (after a few down days).

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